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Air Barrier Systems for Commercial Properties in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland & DC

Controlling energy costs for a property increasingly is a high priority for builders, owners and those looking to purchase or rent space in commercial properties. It’s no surprise, then, that getting air barriers right from the start should be a high priority for any new commercial construction project. You won’t get an easy second chance at the level of control over airflow provided by a well-installed air barrier system. It’s important to work with a team that can get it right from the start to ensure your building is as efficient, healthy and durable as it can be.

The team at Royals Commercial works alongside owners and contractors to determine the best commercial air barrier systems for the task, installs them perfectly to spec and achieves this on time, with full transparency and lines of communication. Achieving air barrier perfection can’t be easier!

To hear quotes or request additional information about our commercial air barrier systems, reach out to us online or dial (410) 729-0405 to speak with a member of our team.

What Are Air Barrier Systems?

If you’re unfamiliar with air barrier systems, this refers to a combination of materials and products that, installed correctly together, result in a full building envelope encompassing the entire usable interior of the building. You can think of it as an insulation package designed to prevent heat, air, moisture and sound infiltration of your building by establishing effective control over the flow of air through your building’s exterior.

Air barrier systems come in many different forms, such as different solid and spray-applied insulating materials, physical barriers like plastic sheeting, injections of core foam into hollow structures of your building, weatherproofing solutions and more.

At Royals Commercial, we work with a wide variety of insulating materials, along with specialized air barrier products like sheet-applied and liquid-applied air barrier solutions.

To find out more about what an air barrier system is and how they work, reach out to the team at Royals Commercial today! Dial (410) 729-0405 or contact us online.

Benefits of Air Barrier Systems

An air barrier system installed in your commercial property during the initial building process will significantly outperform insulation applied as an afterthought to your property. While good reinsulation can have an immense impact on your energy costs down the line, an air barrier system is simply part of the cost of new construction and can be more effective than even the best post-construction insulation solutions. Benefits include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Superior comfort for occupants of the building
  • Enhanced building appeal for buyers or renters
  • Reduced risk of moisture infiltration causing water damage
  • Reduced risk of pollution infiltration causing structural damage or health issues
  • Potential for higher-value applications requiring more stringent airflow control

Ready to learn more about what investing in a commercial air barrier system from Royals Commercial can offer? Call us today at (410) 729-0405 to speak with a member of the Royals Commercial team!

Why Builders Work with Royals Commercial?

When the time comes to consider how your new construction project will be insulated, don’t rely on non-specialists or amateurs to do the job. Let the experts at Royals Commercial deliver a customized, high-quality air barrier system that will transform the energy efficiency and comfort of the completed building.

Our team is easy to work with on projects, communicating clearly and maintaining full transparency. You’ll benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge and resources available to our team as part of the IBP Family of Companies at every step of the project.

Ready to get started on a commercial air barrier installation project with Royals Commercial? Dial (410) 729-0405 or contact us online to request a quote!

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